Driving Instructions to our Holiday Homes, Geoponika Beach:

GeoMare Coordinates: 40.299513,23.102259

Whether you are arriving by plane or car:

  • Your direction is: Thessaloniki – Chalkidiki – Nea Moudania
  • You do NOT take the first exit for Nea Kallikratia at 37,5 km.

37,5 km ←Do NOT take this exit

  • You take the exit exactly at 40.5km. for Nea Kallikratia / Geoponika to your right.

← 1st exit notification

← Exit at 40,5 km

  • Please be careful of the sharp turn, it is a 2-way road.
  • You drive towards Nea Kallikratia another 40-50 m. and then U-turn left as if to enter the KAOIL Gas Station on your right hand.
  • You will follow the road past the gas station and turn right towards the sea.
  • After approx. 400 m. there is an intersection with a street light.
  • You continue driving towards the sea.
  • When you reach the road above the sea you can only turn left, then immediately right following the road to the beach.
  • When you reach the beach you turn right.
  • First you will see Georgalas Sun Beach Hotel and then our Holiday Homes at 50 m.

The seaside road does not have a name or number.

On Google maps you can find us by searching Geomare Holiday Homes.

The following google map link shows you the above described route (from airport).
View the route from airport