Other Archaelogical Sites and Museums in Northern Greece

Vergina – Aigai, the royal capital of Macedon

At the museum of Aigai you can see the impressive Royal Tombs of the Macedonian Kings among which the tomb of King Phillip II of Macedonians, father of Alexander the 3rd , best known as Alexander the Great.

136 km from GeoMare


The capital of the Macedonian Kingdom since the late 5th century BC. In its beautiful museum you can see magnificent mosaics dated back to the 4th century BC and other priceless items of unique Macedonian art.

92 km from GeoMare

The archaeological site was a place of worship of Olympian Zeus and his daughters, the Muses, in a unique environment characterized by rich vegetation, trees and countless springs at the foot of Mount Olympus.

152 km from GeoMare

Wine Museum Gerovassiliou & the Wine Roads of Northern Greece

In case you are looking for a different kind of tour the Gerovassiliou Wine Estate and Museum is only 25 km away in Epanomi, offers a tour of the grounds and showcases one of  the world’s greatest corkscrew collections.

And if you have a taste for wine and alternative travel, check out the Wine Roads of Northern Greece for a different experience.
Note: Wine Estates may be closed sometime in the summer. Please inquire before visiting